Evolutionary.org 481 Perfect Abdominals, rest between sets and Recomposition cycle ideas.

Evolutionary radio presents another exciting podcast. Host Stevesmi is joined by co-host Rick . Totally raw and unfiltered, this time they answer all questions sent in by you guys and gals. They cover a bunch of topics on steroids, diet, working out, and relationships:
1. Do you believe in recomping?
2. Why don’t my abs pop even at low body fat?
3. How long do you rest between sets on cycle?
4. who are your best bodybuilder friends?
5. What do you take with you to the gym while on cycle?


https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/anabolic-steroids-peds/body-recomp-fact-fiction-36586.html << discuss recomping https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/anabolic-steroids-peds/test-amp-eq-recomp-cycle-48880.html < get ideas for recomping where/how to get bloodwork> https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/source-talk/bloodwork-private-md-5695.html

for 1 on 1 coaching/consultation/source help requests hit up stevesmi



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