Evolutionary.org Hardcore Emergency #5 Louie Simmons death and Steroid cycle

In this Evolutionary.org episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster have a look back at the life and death of legendary lifter and Powerlifting coach Louis Simmons. We discuss:

• How he died, aged 74, what we know so far
• His impact on powerlifting, strength and the Iron game
• His own lifting career – what he did as a 240lb lifter aged 50
• The equipment he created – reverse hyper and other bits of kit
• The info he provided from Russian translated courses, books, through to DVDs
• The documentary.
• Training ideas he came up with used around the world.
• How many champions and record breakers he produced –and getting your name on the wall of fame
• Westside Barbell, the history and the gym
• What it meant to train at Westside
• So many FB buddies etc mentioned his passing
• Stories from his gym
• Breaking his back, the recovery and come back
• How hardcore lifters gain an edge and what makes them so
• What effect his passing might have on Westside
• And, as always, we look at the kind of PEDs an elite lifter like Louie would have used

Louie simmons




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