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In this Evo episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster have a look at former IFBB pro and Arnold Classic winner Dennis ‘the big bad’ Wolf. We look at

The neck issue that ended his career – he had 4 herniated discs. The op fused 3. He said the muscle held it together until he needed an op. A come back after (for the fans) left him in 12th and then he retired
How he dropped 100lbs after retiring – but still looks good if not pro level anymore
How he enjoyed watching world cup soccer as a way to relax when he wasn’t training
Why he found bodybuilding diet and nutrition so tedious and what you can do to avoid it and other tips
His background – did it make him or break him? We say made him – what do you think?
How many foreign language pros HAVE to learn to speak English to succeed and win
Winning the Arnold and other high placings – truly a ‘contender’ for the title
Training – we talk about what pros did then and how he trained those famous shoulders
Why you should get checked out and look after your spine and more. We discuss de-loading and more
And, as always, we look at what PEDs he might have used and what he might have done now if he was still competing

steroid cycle

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