Evolutionary.org Hardcore 188 Vince Taylor Steroid Cycle

In this Evolutionary.org episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster have a look at the 90’s bodybuilder Vince Taylor. We get into:
• That great terminator routine – and why bodybuilders ought to work more on posing
• Light weight lifting, average sets and reps yet amazing hyper response.
• The number of competitions he entered
• Why he retired and his comeback at 50
• Bicep injury and recovery
• Another John Brown pupil and what that means
• Started getting into it when he saw the ‘honies’ around John Brown after a competition.
• His still looking amazing at age 65
• The sheer number of wins (only beaten by Ronnie Coleman) inc Masters MrO
• Why he didn’t do as well as he thought he ought to have done – financially or in recognition in the US vs other parts of the world and what he could have done about it
• And, as always, we get into his AAS cycles. Was he a low level user (claiming anything over 600mg was abuse) or did he do what was needed? Did his genetics mean he used very little?

Vince taylor

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