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In this Evolutionary.org episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster from the UK Iron Den check out Bob ‘the voice of bodybuilding’ Cicherillo. We discuss:
• His stats – Robert Micheal Cicherillo, aged 56 (in 2022), 255-260 on stage, 280 off. 6′ tall
• His history as a bodybuilder – competing almost 30 times
• First competed aged 13! And how he owned it.
• Stuff he’s learned as he aged – learning to focus on recovery and condition over size.
• His opinions on bodybuilders and judging now.
• His winning the Masters Pro World 2006 – then retired and why
• His role as Titan in the American version of Gladiators
• How he became the ‘go to”’voice of bodybuilding” and is it an affectation?#
• His being business minded and how other professionals can transition from on stage to other ventures.
• Dress well (those suits)and presentation as an athlete
• Show host with Dan Solomon (pro bodybuilding weekly)
• Finally what PEDs he may have used when at his best and as a Gladiator

steroid cycle

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