Evolutionary.org Hardcore 192 Bryan Balzano Steroid Cycle

In this Evolutionary.org episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster from the UK Iron Den check out IFBB pro Bryan ‘The Phenom’ Balzano. We discuss:
• His stats: 33, 5’4 and 208lbs and how he looks crazy thick at that weight and height
• His career as a bodybuilder from amateur to pro and his recent wins
• How he trains – LIGHT + flexing + reps x 3 hours (legs) and how hard that is – why you need to try this out
• His leg workout – says he can barely squat 225lbs and has never done 405lbs
• Why he stays covered up.
• How he stays grounded
• His Pilonidal Cyst and other obstacles he’s had to overcome. Quite the story
• How muscle memory has helped him following injuries.
• His shoulder surgery and bicep tears
• and, as always, the PEDs we think he or a pro like him uses


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bryanbalzano/ 17,200 followers

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jeffsymi 15,900 followers

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Search for #coachedbymobster on Instagram

Link to article: https://www.evolutionary.org/bryan-balzano-steroids

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